5 Ways Gays Outflank Straights When Hunting For Love Online


By averaging the number of sex partners each user reports, OK Cupid found only a 1% difference between the number of gays and straights with fewer than 20 sex partners. I wonder whether it would’ve made more sense to figure which group had more than the other. Moreover, about 99% of all people have had less than 20 sexual partners, but I know a handful of gay and straight people who have easily had well over 20. Are those people really just 1% of the population? Probably not. The more likely answer is that very promiscuous people aren’t using a dating site to hook up.

Either way it doesn’t exactly put to rest the image of the “the sex-hungry gay”, especially since OKC says that 2% of the gays account for about 23% of the overall sex reported on the site. They suggest that maybe that just a handful of bed-hopping gays promote the promiscuous gay stereotype, but they didn’t state the percentage of straights who account for the majority of hetero sex. From what I see, heteros want sex every bit as much as gays do, but the gender divide may result for fewer sexual encounters over the long term.