5 Ways Gays Outflank Straights When Hunting For Love Online


Now hear this: sometimes straight people want gay sex. OK Cupid asked 252,900 straight people “Have you ever had a sexual encounter with someone of the same sex?” And they found that 1 in 3 straight women has hooked up with another woman. Of those who haven’t, over 1 in 4 would like to. As for straight men a surprisingly high 13% have had a same-sex experience and another 5% haven’t yet but would like to. The data suggests a greater number of bisexual and bi-curious people than willing to admit on their profiles. Many likely succumb to the pressure to choose either gay or straight on their profile rather than scare away potential lovers by openly declaring bisexuality. Yes, ladies and gents, bi-phobia exists, both internally and externally. But maybe straights will continue opening up trying what feels good without worrying about labels — “it’s just a blowjob, dude.”