What Was 50 Cent Doing Partying At A Gay Club?


This weekend, revelers were both surprised and confused to find 50 Cent partying at Voyeur, a popular gay nightclub in Philadelphia.

Despite saying that he “ain’t into fag*ots” in 2014, and blaming the slumpy Empire ratings on having too much “gay stuff,” he has crates full of Effen vodka brand to sell.

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“We thought it was a good idea to bring 50 Cent to Voyeur to promote his brand,” co-owner Billy Weiss told G Philly. “We’re planning to work with the community to prove we’re inclusive — we have a hip-hop music lounge upstairs [at Voyeur] and plan on hosting an upcoming community forum at Woody’s that will address any problems people have with management.”

Tonight I met 50 Cent in the #Gayborhood. Find out why later. #Philadelphia #philly

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G Philly describes the scene on Saturday as “a packed house” that played “uncensored hip-hop” (?) until five in the morning.

There was also a live drummer, some female exotic dancers, and some guy in a light-up bodysuit being awkward.

Because people aren’t stupid, they saw the event for what it was.

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“Why 50 Cent — he’s not even gay,” 25-year-old Davante Rashad told G Philly. “He’s homophobic as fuck and he’s just using us to buy his fucking vodka.”

“I haven’t heard this much rap music played here in one night,” said Jay Simmons, 27. “They really trying to get those black coins.”

Whenever asked why he was at the gay club, 50 Cent would respond with a robotic “I’m here for Effen vodka,” and that’s it.

We’ll leave you with this artistic rendering of 50 Cent, courtesy of Creative Commons: