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  • tab

    Please. Do you really think queers were on his radar at all in this statement.

    He’s an idiot, but talk about taking something out of context.

  • Javier

    Uh, a huge percentage of heterosexual men don’t perform cuninlingis. I don’t think he was thinking about gay men when he posted this.

  • meego

    He is widely known as a closet case so I guess he’ll be shooting himself soon.

  • Yet Another

    Are you serious? That is the most ridiculous headline you could have come up with for this non-story.

  • San Francisco Treat

    Well, let’s see, in this one little post he uses “you” instead of “you’re,” “your” instead of “you’re,” and manages to misspell both “yourself” and “damnit.” I’ll take being gay over practically illiterate, thanks so much.

  • MrDivaBitch

    Well,his mom is a lesbian and he blames her for everything bad in his life, he is an idiot.

  • uu

    I wonder what “Queen’s English 50c” will make of this.

  • greenluv1322

    Really? It’s obvious he wasn’t talking about gay dudes. I know you guys are dying to suck his cock but there are a lot of beefy black gay dudes…cyber stalk them.

  • drums

    @MrDivaBitch: His mom is a lesbian? What on earth are you talking about? His mom was a cocaine dealer who gave birth to him at the age of fifteen and then was murdered when he was eleven years old.
    I understand being angry at 50 Cent’s reckless violence, but you have to understand that sometimes there’s a reason the way people are the way they are.

  • MickW

    The Daily race baiting post from Queerty, Gotta love white gay men so predictable.

  • ewe

    I want all rich black rappers to spend all their money on thick gold chains and hang out on the street corner of the violent ghetto they came from. LOL. I think that pretty much equals his hate don’t you? Tit for tat i always say. Oh and don’t forget to smoke some rocks and kill yourself over $10.00. ho ho ho. I am so funny aint i? yo yo yo and another yo. How about washing that stain off your skin? It’s a bit too dark. ha ha hardy har har. IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That jackass initiated every one of my sarcastic comments. Let’s all just jump on the bandwagon of hate. How about a ballot measure to bring back slavery? Don’t think for a moment it might not pass.

  • J T

    So the two of you are suggesting that 50 Cent wants straight men who don’t perform cunnilingus to shoot themselves, because the world would be a better place? And that makes sense how? If the rationale is that women want it done, then those who do it are already at an advantage. Frankly, in the hypothetical case you two were right and he’s saying this kind of straight person doesn’t deserve to live because of what he doesn’t do in bed, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that it’s an implication that gays who do or don’t do this or that in bed aren’t tops on his list of who he thinks DESERVE TO LIVE either. I’m all for free speech and hyperbole, but anyone who tolerates this sort of irresponsible speech is participating in the atmosphere where Dharun Ravi and Molly Wei, and the bullies of Seth Walsh, and the bullies of Asher Brown, and the Republicans pushing anti-gay amendments in D.C., can so devalue a person that they don’t think twice about how their words and actions will destroy someone’s life. Yes, if you care about not supporting the Taliban, or not supporting Iran, or not supporting Apartheid Africa, then you should care about not supporting 50 Cent and all the rest of those who destroy people’s lives. Biggest music stars plus most Godfearing legislators plus average Joe tweener equals our society is steeped in, saturated with, hateful intolerance, and we’re all responsible for changing this. If you don’t want to be a placard-carrying activist, the least you can do is don’t go to their next movie or download their next track or vote for them in the next election, and condemn their actions to anyone who does.

  • joej

    who cares about 50 cent? He looks like a gorilla and doesn’t appear to be much smarter than one.

  • Joe

    I think he was speaking to the back and forth in the african american community that real men don’t go down on women or whatever.

  • Alex Sarmiento

    50 Cent is a FUCKING ASSHOLE.

  • John

    now that is funny. i like 50 cent.

  • Jouin

    What a boorish, crude and primitive man.

  • ADC

    @ewe: Shut up. Not only was that unnecessary, but your sarcasm and “wit” are lame.

  • jason

    50 Cent is trash from Jamaica. There’s lots of trash in Jamaica.

    He has a record of hating gay and bisexual men. He gave an interview some years ago where he apparently said that lesbians were hot but gay guys weren’t, or some such. We’re dealing with a retarded Neanderthal with a brain the size of an electron.

    Keep in mind the people who have supported 50 Cent throughout his career, including that disgraceful organization MTV.

  • Dwight

    Now I’m just stabbing at the dark here but I’m going to go on a limb here and say that I doubt he meant that as an homophobic statement. It just sounds like he’s an idiot (shocker I know).

  • Mike in London

    50 .. who ?

    Some has-been who is soooooo NOT on my interest-o-scope right now.

  • Roger

    So glad rap and hip hop are going down tubes. Closeted black rapper queens on the down low like 50c must be in a panic – no one is buying that trash anymore, not even white trash teenagers. It’s common knowledege 50 brings men in for his pleasure. I guess what I don’t understand is why AAs always defend bad behavior of their bretheren regardless of how base. issues…

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