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Nearly 50% of Gays Get Mental Health Treatment. Because You’re All CRAZY


So says a new UCLA study about “sexual minorities,” which finds 48.5 percent of queers sought mental health treatment, while just 22.5 percent of heteros did. (“Lesbians and bisexual women were the most likely to seek treatment; straight men were the least likely.”) It’s unclear how much “reparative therapy” factored in.

Why the disparity? Researchers try to explain:

Discrimination, violence and other stressful life events may be greater among sexual and gender minorities, they said, and homosexuality and issues associated with it may be construed as mental health problems — particularly among racial and ethnic minorities — which may encourage people to seek treatment. Further, in gay and lesbian communities, therapeutic services are considered appropriate places for coping with the stresses associated with being a sexual minority.

Heh: Therapy is less stigmatized among the homos. ‘Cause everybody’s doing it.

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