500 Lousiana High School Students Showed Up to Counter-Protest Westboro Baptists (Who Didn’t Even Show)

The only thing more popular than videos of Westboro Borings inhaling carbon monoxide while protesting on street corners? Videos of queers engaged in counter-protests. Like the one from the kids at Ascension Parish‘s Dutchtown High School, in Louisiana, who last week were expecting Westboro to show up to protest the production of The Laramie Project — only to be disappointed when there were no “God Hates Fags” signs. Just one guy, not from Westboro, waving his finger around.

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  • Cam

    This is great that kids from a small town in Loisianna are out there doing this.

  • QueerToday

    Love this! Let our youth create their own protests instead of having them watered down and washed out by Gay Inc.

  • lanjier

    great video.

  • craig

    My local (Baton Rouge) news covered this story, and my favorite part was their attempt to get a straight answer from Westboro regarding their no-show. Via a phone interview, the reporter repeatedly asked, “Why did your organization not show up?” and the Westboro spokeswhore either said, “What was the question?” or said something completely irrelevant. After the fifth or sixth time, they began insulting the reporter. A real classy organization.

  • terrwill

    Finally the WBC has met its match and groups are turining their “protests” into more of a circus than they could ever have imagined. For too long people took these inbred maniacal scumbgs far too seriously. They could issue a press release, show up with 5 0r 6 of the seriously mentally defective family members and generate as much press as if they had 1000 protesters. As these High School kids begin to out bizzare the inbreds and totally mock everything they stand for they are left having their hatred drowned out, their signs mocked, and outrageous displays of extreme Gayness!!

    Their much hoped for hatefests are being turned into outrageous fabulous Gayfests that make Fred and the inbreds demented heads spin…….

  • gaycondo

    I applaud these kids. I grew up in Louisiana and it is rough down there. It’s been 10 years since I was in high school but I cannot imagine this kind of support coming out back then. I didn’t know any people who were as unabashedly out as some of these kids. I think that Westboro didn’t show up because they would look even more like fools when 500 kids were showing up against their handful of lunatics. It would have been a joke and I think they chickened out. And it’s very encouraging to see that happen in a small town of a very anti-gay state. Change is coming because more and more young people do not share the bigoted views of their parents.

  • tomtom

    God Hates Figs!! HAHA priceless

  • jeffree

    Great 2 hear that these Louisiana kids organized & held a protest that may actually have scared Wbc away! Very inspiring!

  • terrwill

    @gaycondo: True……..We basically need to wait till the old haters fcuk off and die (literally!)

  • softballerforlife

    The best statistic that I have heard in a long time, “the average age of the Right Wing Social lunatics is 57 so they will all be dead soon.

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