55,000 Evangelicals Oppose J’Lem Pride

While we gay Americans fret about marriage, gay Israeli’s continue to get blasted for wanting to walk down the street. In case you too have been doped up on cold medicine, Israeli homos have been given the thumbs-up to march their proud asses through Jerusalem tomorrow.

Not surprisingly, many Israeli’s aren’t so keen on the idea. Since the announcement, the holy capital’s experienced rioting, threats of gay-targeted suicide bombs and good ol’ fashion heckling. As we reported before, homo-hatred’s helping bridge the ancient divides between Jews, Muslims and Christians, who’ve come together in hopes of forcing a shameful shutdown of the pride parade. While Orthodox Jews have received much of the attention, let’s not forget the world-renowned Jerusalem Prayer Team. You know, the Israeli Evangelical group whose pro-Israeli, anti-gay stance helps bring people together. How many people? Well, at least 55,000 Evangelical leaders have sent a communique to Israeli PM Ehud Olmert urging him to end the mary-madness. According to the group’s press release:

The evangelical Christians are deeply troubled because by wearing crosses and other Christian symbols, the homosexual community will attempt to give the impression that this lifestyle is condoned by evangelical Christians.

Um, really? That’s the lamest protest we’ve ever heard. At least say that the homos are going to burn in a fiery hell where their eyes will be gauged out with bones and they’ll be forced to suckle the genitals of opposite-sexed demons.

We can guarantee that a homo wearing a cross will not make the world think the Evangelicals approve. Everyone knows the Evangelicals don’t approve, although letters like this make us think the Evangelicals are trying a little too hard to prove their hetero-selves.

Maybe this is why James Dobson took himself off the Ted Haggard defagification train?