by the numbers

57 Percent of America OKs Civil Unions. And Marriage?


Support for civil unions for gays is up to 57 percent of Americans, says new poll data released by the Pew Research Center conducted in August with more than 4,000 people. That’s a increase from last year’s 54 percent and 2003’s 45 percent. But what about full marriage rights?

Sorry, the outlook isn’t so rosy. Just 39 percent support legalizing same-sex marriage, while a full 53 percent remain opposed. “There was more support for same-sex marriage among women, adults under 30 and college-educated people than there was among men, older adults and those who did not attend college. Asked about homosexual behavior, 49 percent said it is morally wrong, 9 percent said it is morally acceptable and 35 percent said it is not a moral issue.”

And so begins the latest round of spin from everyone from HRC to the American Family Assocation, delivering data morsels crafted to reflect their agendas. You know how this song and dance goes.