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Gay Legal Groups Now Support Prop 8 Lawsuit? PLUS: Barney Blows Up


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• All of a sudden, the very gay rights groups that opposed the Olson-Boies Prop 8 federal lawsuit find themselves very vocally supporting it. ACLU, Lambda Legal and the National Center for Lesbian Rights are on board; GLAD is not.

• Shooting down calls for him to resign, South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford compares himself to King David, aka “a peeping Tom who knocked up his married girlfriend and then had her husband killed.”

CNN reports those lies about how hate crimes legislation “could be used to criminalize conservative speech on abortion or homosexuality.”

• Reformed hate speech proponent Isaiah Washington continues his pro-gay publicity tour.

• Is Lebanon the most gay-friendly place in the Middle East? Perhaps, but that doesn’t mean it’s West Hollywood, either. Among the biggest affronts to gay men: The tradition of living at home until marriage, which means same-sex rendezvous take place under your parents’ eyes (and belt buckles).


True to form, Rep. Barney Frank blows up at anyone who interviews him (cue 9:20).

• On Monday Barack Obama will host some gay leaders at the White House. Don’t expect any big news about gay rights.

• Vice President Joe Biden appoints Lynn Rosenthal as the first-ever White House Advisor on Violence Against Women.

• The blogs take on Obama.

• Nikon spokesman stars shirtless in new movie about womanizing: