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6 facts about Stephanie Beatriz you didn’t know until right now

Stephanie Beatriz is synonymous with detective Rosa Perez, a motorcycle-driving, leather-wearing, bisexual detective on NBC’s long-running comedy series Brooklyn 99.

Others know her as Mirabel in Encanto, Sofia Vergara’s sister on Modern Family, or from the film adaptation of Lin Manuel Miranda’s In The Heights.

This proud Latina is well-known across screens big and small, but what do we know about her private life? We scoured the internet for the most searched questions on Stephanie Beatriz and learned a few interesting facts about her along the way…

1. Is Stephanie Beatriz bisexual?

In her words, “Yup.” The actress came out as bisexual in July 2016, adding another solid player to our team.

2. Is Stephanie Beatriz blind in real life?

No, Beatriz is not blind, though the actress does have severe astigmatism. Despite needing glasses to see, she does not wear them in many of her roles and her condition cannot be corrected with contact lenses. As a result, she has a difficult time hitting her marks while filming. 

3. Does Stephanie Beatriz speak Spanish?

¡Si! She was born in Argentina. Her father is Colombian and her mother is Bolivian. She spoke Spanish at home growing up. 

4. Is Stephanie Beatriz related to Sofia Vergara?

No, the two actresses are not related, though they played siblings on TV. Beatriz appeared a handful of times throughout the series as the walk-on character Sonia Ramirez, Gloria Pritchett’s sister.

Sofia Vergara (left) and Stephanie Beatriz (right) on the set of “Modern Family.” Photo via Pinterest.

5. Is Stephanie Beatriz vegan?

Not anymore, but she used to be vegan after a brief stint working on a chicken farm. The actress told Esquire, “I’m not vegan anymore, but I had to be for a little while because of the chicken factory. I was only there for a month because I couldn’t handle it. Spend two days smelling a chicken-processing plant and it’ll be a real intense experience.”

6. Is Stephanie Beatriz married?


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Yes, she married actor Brad Hoss in 2018. They have one beautiful daughter.

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