6 Fundamentalist Parents Who Horribly Abused Their Gay Kids generally lists fun things like “The 5 Dumbest Doritos-Related Arrests of All Time” and “Ugly Photos of Usually Hot Celebrities.” But the site got serious this week with a rundown of religious parents who put their LGBT kids through physical, mental and emotional abuse to knock the queer out of them. In some cases, they even killed them. How very Christian!

Here’s a look at Ranker’s list of Asshat Parents Hall of Fame. (Check out their post for more details):

Sam Brinton
Though some on the blogosphere have questioned the extent of his accusations, Brinton says that, as part of his ex-gay “therapy,” he was given electric shocks while being made to watch gay porn. His father hoped to make the boy associate homosexuality with pain.

Lyn Duff
After telling her family that she was gay in 1991, when she was just 15, Duff was sent to a Utah psychiatric center for conversion therapy. Like Brinton, she was abused while being forced to watch gay porn in hopes of creating a negative reaction. It didn’t work—Duff escaped, got herself emancipated from her nutbag mother and was adopted by a loving lesbian couple. She’s now a successful journalist.

Jeremy Pittman, Jr.
When Jerry Pittman and his boyfriend, Dustin Lee, arrived at the Grace Fellowship Church in Fruitland, TN, church members—including Pittman’s uncle and father, the church’s minister—attacked the couple with punches and gay slurs. The cops came, but wouldn’t let Lee and Pittman press charges. (The sheriff later allowed them to do so.) 

Steen Fenrich
At just 19, Fenrich was murdered by his stepfather because of his homosexuality. Briefly enlisted in the Army, Fenrich went missing in 1999. Six months later his remains were found, dismembered and partially disolved in acid.

Ronnie Antonio Paris
Even we didn’t know we were gay when we were in diapers, but apparently Ronnie’s dad could tell his toddler was “that way” when he was just a one-year-old, and began beating and slapping him for being “a sissy.” When Child Services finally removed him from the home, Ronnie was malnourished and had a broken arm. Two years later, after he was returned to his parents—and the cycle of abuse, Ronnie slipped into a coma and died. His parents were at Bible study at the time.