6 Reasons For Donald Trump’s Insane Man-Crush On Vladimir Putin


Donald Trump clearly loves Vladimir Putin. The list of times that Trump has sucked up to Putin is long and growing by the day. Putin has returned the favor, throwing the weight of the Russian media behind Trump.

In this case, it’s not a case of opposites attracting, but of the same: authoritarian bullies who are building their personal empires.

Here are six specific reasons why the pair were a match made in–well, you figure it out:

Why ask when you can just grab?

Trump has a well-earned reputation for stiffing people who work for him.  In fact, it’s one of his few unchangeable characteristics. Putin, of course, just takes what he wants, too.  Putin is even better at it than Trump; he may be one of the wealthiest men in the world.

NATO is for losers

Trump would happily withdraw from NATO unless the participating countries are willing to pay financial tribute. It’s a sharp departure from what most of the West views as a critical tool to check Russia’s expansionist impulses. Putin would love to see NATO disappear so he can go about annexing (by force if necessary) all the small republics that were once part of the USSR.

There are no good neighbors

Trump hates Mexico for sending all of those people to the U.S. Build a wall, make Mexico pay for it–Trump wants to humiliate our southern neighbor. Putin wants to crush his neighbors as well: Crimea, the Ukraine. He may end up giving Donald some unwelcome ideas.

Gays make for good political props

For Trump, we’re the victims of terrorism in Orlando, so we should side with the strong man who will protect us. The message is so far right that even Ted Cruz uses it. For Putin, we’re destroying Russian society, even though he has claims to have no problem with us on a personal level. Bashing gays is a handy political line to feed to the Orthodox Church, which Putin leans on for support.

Vanity unites!


Putin likes to parade around with his shirt off, although if anyone had reason for covering himself in a button down, it’s Vladimir. Apparently, Putin thinks he’s some kind of Adonis of the steppes. As for Trump–just looking at the hair tells you everything you need to know.

Charter members of the Elton John fan club

Both Trump and Putin are big fans of Elton John. There’s no accounting for taste.