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  • myrios123

    Okay, my boyfriend and I watched the show last night and I was not impressed. We will probably both give it another shot next week, but if it really does turn into PG-13 cable-voyeurism I’d rather watch The Bachelor.

  • Michael C.

    You forgot the most important lesson of all:

    * Letting an “editor” at Queerty give you a blowjob in a bar bathroom will guarantee you at least 6 fawning articles a day about your show.

  • UMB

    Isn’t Queerty supposed to hate anything associated with The Advocate/LPI/Here Media and high-profile/rich gays (see also: HRC, Target, GLAAD, etc.)? Why then is this show being plastered all over this site?


    I am actually pretty damm proud of myself! I posted on another thread how I would hate myself for watching this trashfest. I just started watching the premiere on the DVR and got up to the point where Derek was standing there showing his ohh so very flat ass on my flat screen and I could not hit the stop and erase buttons on the remote quick enough…….

    These queens are nothing but self absorbed, shallow, delusional, silly caricatures of the stereotypical Gay queen. Problem is they take themselves so damm serious, they neglect to realize that what makes being such a big queen entertaining like a drag queen is the camp and self effacing humor…….These bitches actually think other people should and would give a thit about their shallow simple lives……..The show is nothing more than a pathetic train wreck……….

  • SG

    I kinda enjoyed it. It wasn’t nearly as awful as I’d expected. The whole A-list thing is silly, but the scripted drama of Austin wanting to get back with Reichen worked for me. Austin actually seemed like the coolest of the lot.

  • Dan

    They should at least put a disclaimer before the show: “This show does not represent anything other than a group of A-holes – The A-List”

  • Frederick Carter

    My partner and I also watched “The A-List”. Considering it’s supposed to be a gay version of the Housewives series, we didn’t feel it was that bad. The only guys I really had a problem with were the two hairdressers;they were such stereotypical bitchy queens, especially the bleached blonde.

  • AdonisOfFire

    If I wanted to see ridiculous, stupid, superficial, arrogant, self-obssessed evil bitchy immature queens…I would go to my local gay bar and make chat with 18 year old anorexic queens doing crystal meth in the bathroom. No thanks.

    When will there be a show that showcases gays that are just normal, kind, masculine, that do positive things for the community, etc.

    Seriously, if the A-list represents who we are as a community, I understand why we would get such hate.

  • Hyhybt

    @AdonisOfFire: When is there a “reality” series of this general type that showcases normal, kind people? If the audience wants to see normal people acting normally, generally they can do that without a television.

  • jj

    @AdonisOfFire: you sound like that crazy guy from the hostage situation at Discovery networks recently. he claimed that the network had a responsibility to educate people.

    it’s TV!

  • Tofer David

    @AdonisOfFire: Crystal meth in the bathroom?

    You must be confusing your recent bar visit with your bathhouse visit.

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