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6 times Bad Bunny proved to be one of the most woke LGBTQ allies out there

Puerto Rican trap artist Bad Bunny, whose real name is Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, made headlines this week when he spoke openly about his sexuality to the LA Times.

When asked how he identifies, the 25-year-old said he wasn’t particularly interested in labeling himself. Like many of his peers, he views sexuality as fluid.

“It does not define me,” he explained. “At the end of the day, I don’t know if in 20 years I will like a man. One never knows in life.”

He added that “at the moment” he considers himself heterosexual and is interested in women, but that could always change.

Many praised the singer, who is currently promoting his new album “YHLQMDLG,” for the delicate yet confident way he answered the question.

But this isn’t the first time Bad Bunny has proven that, when it comes to things like gender and sexuality, he really truly gets it. And considering the fact that he grew up in a conservative culture that hasn’t always been kind to LGBTQ people, his support means that much more.

Scroll down for six times Bad Bunny proved he is an unwavering LGBTQ ally…

That time he shut down a homophobe on Twitter.

In January 2019, Bad Bunny called out fellow reggaeton star Don Omar for making homophobic remarks about another singer. Omar called Ozuna a “pato,” a gay slur in Spanish, after it was rumored Ozuna had appeared in a gay sex tape. In response, Bad Bunny tweeted at Omar: “Homophobia in this day and age? How embarrassing, man.” The tweet received over 90,000 likes and 40,000 retweets.

That time he embraced his feminine side in his “Caro” music video.

In his 2019 music video “Caro,” Bad Bunny can be seen getting his nails done while watching a fashion show in a pink mansion. He then morphs into a female version of himself (played by model Jazmyne Joy) before reappearing later, only to be kissed by another man as well as by Joy. Many interpreted the video as a nod to both gender fluidity and a metaphor for Bad Bunny embracing his own femininity. Since the video’s release, it has received over 200 million views on YouTube.

That time he spoke about pushing back against gender stereotypes.

Speaking to GQ in March 2019, Bad Bunny spoke openly about how gender fluidity is represented in his work, saying: “There’s people that appreciate what I do; there’s people that criticize it. There’s people who say, ‘Thank you for sticking up [for us], thank you for defending [this].’ There’s others that say I’m an opportunist.'”

He continued, “If I were like other artists, I’d forget about what’s happening and not say anything. I think it’s my responsibility, as a person of influence … to sometimes try to do what I can. If I have the chance to say something, I will say it.”

That time he performed in one of the gayest Super Bowl halftime shows of all time.

Icons Jennifer Lopez and Shakira gave the gays everything they wanted in their Super Bowl half time show in February 2020. The dazzling spectacle of hits included fireworks, sequins, fringe, a stripper pole, and who-knows-how-many male backup dancers. And, of course, Bad Bunny, who took to the stage (wearing 13,000 swarovski crystals) during Shakira’s set for an explosive mini-set viewed by over 100 million people.

That time he called out a nail salon for refusing to give him a manicure.

While touring Europe in 2018, Bad Bunny stopped into the Ana Rodera salon in Oviedo, Spain for a manicure, but he was refused service for being a dude. He quickly took to Instagram to express his outrage, writing: “I just wanted to tell you all that I went to this shitty place to get my nails done (manicure + color) and they told me NO because I’m a MAN hahaha. I don’t know what to think, but it seems very very very unfortunate haha. What year is it? F*cking 1960? What do you call this?”

That time he honored a murdered trans woman on TV.

During an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in March 2020, Bad Bunny paid tribute to Alexa Negrón Luciano, a homeless trans woman who was brutally murdered in Puerto Rico, by wearing a white t-shirt with the words “They killed Alexa, not a man in a skirt,” emblazoned in Spanish.

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