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7 Of Target’s Gay Products You’ll Have To Buy Somewhere Else Now

Thanks to Target helping fund the “independent” political campaign for anti-gay Minnesota gubernatorial wannabe Tom Emmer, it’s time to reconsider where you’re going to purchase all your necessities. And because gym bunnies, hard femmes, home bodies, drag queens, and queer teens all shop at Target (though only the obnoxious ones pronounce it Targét), it’s a pretty wide swath of items you’re going to have to stock up on elsewhere.

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  • unclemike

    I have never purchased even one of those things.

    Do I have to turn in my gay card now?

  • wannabegay2

    none of those articles are gay. but douches are. lol

  • Obfuscation station?

    This entire issue is a totally politically based red herring. Target gave money to a group that supports business concerns, like lower taxes and less regulation. The fact that that group gave money in support a candidate that espouses those, and also homophobic, beliefs doesn’t mean that Target is “anti-gay”. This is a problem with having only two parties, it creates strange bedfellows. LIke when Union reps. come and speak at a gay marriage rallies about the importance of Card-Check legislation.

    We(gays) are being used as pawns in the actual game of politics, the struggle between more and less government control of the economy; and by freaking out about this non-issue we’re helping them(the two party system) do it.

    “FREE OF AN AGENDA. EXCEPT THAT GAY ONE.” ?! This is like the 4th article dedicated to this bogus political pandering.

  • Steve

    If this is how we draw ally lines, we won’t have anyone left on our side. Target still vocally supports the LGBT community. They sided with whats-his-face because of his business prospects, not his social agenda. Get over this.

  • L.

    So, those products are GLBT because…?

  • Ian

    It’s not easy to talk about boycott’s when you live in an area where except for a local Target you can’t find any decent furniture with any actual TASTE that doesn’t look like it should be on the set of a 1970’s episode of Hee-Haw outside of a 70 mile radius of driving via interstate.

  • Bruno

    I’m not horrendously concerned with the donation itself, but the reaction to the backlash has been substandard. They should be trying to make amends, not be defiant. If they continue being defiant and acting like they did nothing wrong, I may indeed boycott.

  • IveHadIt

    I LOVE Target. End of story.

  • damon459

    If target is so anti-gay I wonder why one of my Transexual friends was treated so well by the Target in Missoula,MT of all places? She transitioned while working there and all the management was very excepting and supportive. I’d rather boycott walmart for many many things then boycott target for this issue.

  • Ricky

    Pass! I love Target! The end.

  • AL

    I like the title of the article: “…product’s YOU WILL have to buy somewhere else now”. Oh, really? Is there now a Federal Department of Gay Affairs that will dictate where gays must shop??!!

  • menlo

    I also love Target, and I don’t care about this bullshit controversy.

  • BK

    I’m kind of insulted by the insinuation that women’s shoes, ugly pillows, and fake lashes are “gay” products. And isn’t warming lube bad for anal sex, anyway? I’ve been told it can feel like it’s burning, so I just steer clear….

  • David

    You love Target. And you would have been equally pleased that Mussolini kept the trains running on time. As long as you got to where you were going, what would you care?

  • Andrew B.

    Until there is a major party with a platform of pro free trade and markets, pro low taxes, pro equal rights, and pro individual liberty I don’t blame people for their choice of candidates. Right now politics is little more than shelling out loot. I understand fully that companies and individuals support candidates who say they won’t loot them as much despite candidates’ other bad positions.

  • Lance Rockland

    So where are we supposed to go if we want to buy cheap crap made in China? Wal-Mart?!

  • BabyILikeIt

    @David: God, you’re stupid.

  • horus

    @L.: try a little sense of humor and it falls into place.

  • peteNsfo

    Trying to shop with a conscience is SOooo hard!!!

    People, they use the money YOU spend to support a person whose political position is to DENY you equality….

    Let that sink in; YOU are funding YOUR OWN INEQUALITY.

    That line about ‘supporting our biz interests’ is a corporate brush-off to help make it easier for you to spend money against your own interests. You’re like the poorest Republicans supporting Bush’s tax cuts for the wealthy b/c they dream one day it will apply to them.

    Getta clue, already.

  • mm

    While target may be a decent company towards the GLBT community, they should definitely hear our concerns when they support anyone that is this against us. Claiming they never intended to support Emmer is silly. He’s a strong political choice. There’s no reason they couldn’t see the connection their support would make.

    So, this isn’t really about Target as much as it is about us, as a community, being more vocally united against politicians like Emmer! Why not support our MN brothers and sisters more often, w/o relying on a corporate boycott?

  • Eric

    There are worse companies out there that we should be focusing on rather than Target which does a lot of good for the community and is also my favorite store. So I am not planning to jump on this ill-conceived boycott.

  • TommyOC

    1. I’m too fat for that underwear.
    2. I don’t drink coffee.
    3. I have a boyfriend to get me off – and he provides much better massages than a machine, should I choose to use either for that purpose.
    4. I don’t cross-dress, even if the thought has crossed my mind.
    5. I have a fear of owls. (They’re vicious hunters after all.)
    6. My lashes are naturally that way – thick and lugggzhurious.
    7. You only watch “Broken Hearts” when showing it to someone who has never seen it before… and by now all my friends have. New gays don’t know of “that Superman guy” and “that Scrubs guy” was never cool to them.
    8. I live in Southern California, where genuine tans are quite abundant.

    I think I’ll stop by Target tonight. I really dig their popcorn.

  • L.

    @horus: Ah, of course – silly me!

    We must have each post getting all angry at people perpetuating stereotypes followed by one that reinforces them, thereby protecting cosmic balance.

  • PopSnap

    This is so ridiculous. Why don’t we focus on more important matters, such as expressing support for the up-coming 2012 ballot initiatives to legalize gay marriage in Oregon & re-legalize it in California? How about we write our Congresspeople in support of the effort to repeal the DADT law & allow everybody to honorably serve our country, regardless of who they love.

    By whining about crap like this, we are starting to sound like the modern-day NAACP (youtube “NAACP hallmark card” to see what I mean) where we just whine about everything. Let’s focus on things that will have a direct positive impact rather than fuss over Target doing a thing.

    Target is Walmart with class. Sorry, not boycotting them unless they directly fire somebody for being gay. THEN we can whine.

  • Paul Bacigalupo

    The article undermines Tom Emmer’s anti-gay stance by displaying a variety of innane Target products vs focusing on his political positions that seriously impact us.

    @Popsnap Tome Emmer supports an Amendment that would make all gay marriage illegal across the nation. If he is elected he will have a platform to support this move. So his candidacy is relevant and an “important issue”.

  • merkin

    its a friggin joke people! but i GOTTA have that hot-pink coffeemaker

  • L.

    @merkin: It’s not hot pink. More… raspberry.

  • Anthony

    lol Seriously, this just made me want to go to target even more!

  • Frank

    The real issue is that corporations shouldn’t be giving political donations, and especially ones of this size. It should be illegal. Oh wait, it was until the Roberts court recently threw out that long-standing restriction. Hello activist courts!

    It’s very healthy that a corporation is being publicly embarrassed by negative publicity associated with such a donation. In these polarized times, it should make any corporation think twice before throwing wads of cash at any candidate.

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