On A High Note

7 Reasons You’ll Love Meryl Streep’s ‘Florence Foster Jenkins’


The summer movie slate has been jam-packed with the explosive adventures of villainous vixens, an absolutely fabulous dynamic duo, and wondrous super-women. But today the season’s biggest diva takes center stage with the release of Florence Foster Jenkins.

Directed by Stephen Frears and starring Meryl Streep, Hugh Grant and Simon Helberg, the film tells the tale of New York heiress Florence Foster Jenkins – a woman whose terrible voice couldn’t keep her from her dreams of becoming an opera singer.

Here are 7 reasons this hilarious film hits all the high notes.

1. Meryl Streep Gives An Oscar-Worthy Performance, And Has A Ball Doing It
Streep is likely to land her 20th Academy Award nomination with her performance as the eccentric, amateur opera singer, and it’s obvious she relished every moment of this role. The queen of the silver screen leaves no doubt who still reigns supreme.

2. She Was (And Is) A True Legend
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DMu9PKWthLE]
Long before we laughed at tone-deaf hopefuls on shows like American Idol, the real Florence Foster Jenkins was entertaining audiences with her signature sour notes throughout the 1930s and 40s. Her voice proved to be so bad it’s good and her cuckoo caterwauling during her infamous performance at Carnegie Hall on October 25, 1944 is still one of the most requested from the music venue’s archives.

3. Hugh Grant Is One Debonair Daddy… And His Acting Has Aged Like A Fine Wine
He made us swoon as a 90s heartthrob and the 55-year-old actor has successfully claimed his seat among the dashing DILFs of Hollywood. But how is his performance as Jenkins’s true love and manager, St Clair Bayfeild? Only the best of his career. Grant proves he’s got the chops to hold his own in every scene with Streep – which is no easy task. Is that Oscar we hear calling?

4. The Costumes Are Everything
With her over-the-top sense of style on the stage, the real Ms. Jenkins could have held her own against the fiercest queens on any season of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Costume designer Consolata Boyle brings Jenkins’ charisma, uniqueness, nerve and, um, talent to life in this film with unforgettable fashions.

Momma Ru would be proud.

5. It’s One Hell Of An Inspiring Story
Forget the sappy stories spotlighted at the 2016 Olympics. Florence Foster Jenkins is the feel-good story of the summer. Her story of perseverance and unwavering dedication won’t just make you stand up and cheer; it will have you singing along in your seat.

6. Simon Helberg Is The Kind Of Geeky Guy We All Want To Cuddle
Sure, Helberg has been serving loveable übergeek realness as Howard Wolowitz in The Big Bang Theory since 2007. However, it’s his turn as the nerdy, über-adorable musician Cosme McMoon that will melt your heart and make you say, “Awwwwwwwwe.”

7. You’ll Laugh Your Ass Off
Above all else, Florence Foster Jenkins is a damn fine, funny film filled will LOL moments. So fire up your phone and order those tickets already — because you don’t want to be the last queen laughing.