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7 Straight Musicians Cranking Great Queer Sounds

Queer bands rawk and Lady Gaga‘s pretty good. But sometimes great queer music comes from straight musicians too: artists willing to bend time and sound into highbrow synth-rock, incestual drum and bass dubstep, Brooklyn dance psychildelica, and confessional acoustics that’ll make you moister than a snack cake. Yes ladies, gents, and everyone in between—here’s some of the queerest, most delightful music from straight bands that you’ve never heard.

NOTE: Admittedly, I prefer indie rock and synthpop, so I didn’t include any metal, rap, or super-experimental music in my top 7. These are all bands I caught in Austin, and there’s also not much racial diversity. I did, however try to choose bands that sounded unlike anything I’d ever heard. And though none are queer-identified, I’ve covered some male and female rockers in the past. Enjoy!