Looking forward, 2014

7 Travelicious Destinations for 2014

Spontaneous travel certainly has its charms, but life’s complications usually require lots of planning to secure the perfect trip. Here are seven places to consider as you map out your adventures in the new year.


1. New York City

Conde Nast predicts that fare wars amongst airlines will lead to cheaper domestic air travel in 2014. While that’s all well and good for visiting your grandma back in Idaho, we know more gays will add a stay in NYC to their calendars. And for good reason. The adult-playground-of-a-city continues to get gayer by the minute, with world class nightlife, shopping and dining to keep your facebook wall full and your wallet empty. 2012 even saw the opening of gay megaclub/hotel The Out NYC in Midtown.


2. Santiago, Chile

South America will be a popular destination for 2014 travelers looking to explore and mingle with other cultures without too much of the Disneyfied tourist experience. Santiago is the perfect place with its bevy of chic new boutique hotels and reputation of the Bellavista district as a gay bohemian haven. Chile has also come a long way in terms its gay-friendly attitude. Recently, its current conservative president, Sebastian Pinera, featured a gay couple holding hands in one of his campaign ads.


3. Peru

Speaking of South America, if you’ve graduated from Top Chef and Anne Burrell and are looking to embark on a 3D culinary adventure that you can actually taste, consider a journey to Lima, Peru. Food tourism has certainly been on the rise, and with so many refined gay pallets, we’re sure more than a few of you will savor the internationally renowned Peruvian cuisine. From fresh ceviche to Asian-fusion stir fries to, yes, alpaca, Peru is sure to satiate.


4. Central Coast, CA

Perhaps you’ve already noticed prices at the pump ticking down. Well you’re likely to see more of that in 2014, so for all you California gays bouncing between SF and LA, take your time this year and experience the glory of the Central Coast via car. There’s history at Santa Barbara’s Missions, grandeur at Hearst Castle and jaw-dropping natural beauty at Big Sur. West Hollywood and The Castro aren’t going anywhere.


5. Bali

It’s no surprise that more and more people are ditching the cubicle and working remotely, and 2014 will see those stats increase even more. If you’re one of the lucky ones who can pack your office into a backpack and roam free, a trip to Bali this year may be just what the doctor ordered. The infrastructure is such that you’ll have no trouble securing a solid wifi connection, and the awe-inspiring temples and spectacular natural landmarks will leave your soul refreshed and inspired.


6. Cumberland Island, GA

Wifi connections are great and all, but every now and then we all need a chance to unplug. Between work e-mails, facebook, Grindr, Scruff and Instagram, it can often feel like life itself is dependent on a smart phone and laptop. That’s where a camping excursion to Cumberland Island, the almost entirely undeveloped 56 sq. mile island off the coast of Georgia, can help curb gadget addiction. The parks department limits access to only 300 people on the island at one time, and there are no roads or vehicles once you reach shore. You might have to, like, actually talk to your friends.


7. Sochi, Russia

Like it or not, the world’s eyes will be glued to the 2014 Winter Olympics in Russia. The nation’s gay rights policies (among other things) have already made the games extremely controversial, with some like German president Joachim Gauck intending to boycott. But let’s face it, there are few things in this world gayer than the Winter Olympics. There will be tons of gay athletes and fans who brave the harsh climate and harsher social climate; stick it to Putin and join them.