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70% of Gay Christian College Students Knew They Were Gay By Age 13


And 71 percent acknowledged “confusion” over same-sex sexual attraction by age 14-15. That’s according to the study “Listening to Sexual Minorities on Christian College Campuses”, conducted by researchers Mark Yarhouse, Stephen Stratton, Janet Dean, and Heather Brooke, had 104 “sexual minority” students at three schools within the Council of Christian Colleges and Universities complete anonymous surveys about their sexual desires. (Alas, it’s unclear what researchers used to define a “sexual minority,” but we believe it’s safe to assume it means all things LGBT.)

Among the other revelations, notes the Regent University’s Institute for the Study of Sexual Indentity:

Intimately/romantically kissed by someone of the same sex (age 17 by 34% of the sample)
Been fondled by someone of the same sex (age 14-15 by 42% of the sample)
Fondled someone of the same sex (age 14-15 by 42% of the sample)
Same-sex behavior to orgasm (age 16-17 by 29% of the sample)
Initial attribution that I am gay (age 17 by 35% of the sample)
Took on the label of gay (age 18 by 14% of the sample)
First same-sex relationship (age 18-19 by 19% of the sample)
First opposite-sex relationship (age 15 by 58% of the sample)

Yes, but at what age did they star in their first porn flick?

Hmmm. We’re actually not sure if this data (of, to be sure, only 104 students) only confirms some preconceived notions or blows our mind. If you wouldn’t mind, tell us how you compare to these lab rats — and let us know if you fall into the similar “gay AND Christian OR college student” demographic.