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73% of Iraq + Afghanistan Veterans Don’t Mind Hanging Out With Homosexuals

We admire Kathy Griffin‘s spunk as she heads to Washington D.C. tomorrow to rally for the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Mostly because Kathy is Irish, will be pretty blitzed on box wine today, and will be facing the noon sunshine with a blistering hangover. She should bring some aspirin, and this new survey data.

Teaming with HRC, the red-headed Oprah‘s little project will also be backed by new findings about Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, who report they never felt like un-mounting their M240 (7.62 Nato; .308 cal.) belt fed machine guns from armed Humvees to execute gay soldiers! In fact, most didn’t mind having them around at all!

A new bipartisan poll sponsored by the The Vet Voice Foundation finds 60 percent of troops who served there believe homosexuality “has no bearing on a service member’s ability to perform their duties”; 73 percent say it’s “personally acceptable to them if gay and lesbian people were allowed to serve openly in the military”; and just like Gen. David Petraeus, a whopping 73 percent say “they are personally comfortable in the presence of gays and lesbians.” Worth nothing: The survey’s respondents were 45 percent self-identified Republicans and 20 percent Democrats.

Also worth noting: Iraq and Afghanistan veterans are more comfortable around homosexuals than, uh, most Americans.

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