Business As Usual? How 8 Anti-Gay Companies Are Measuring Up


autozonePhoto: Wikimedia Commons

You probably missed it but the Memphis Gay & Lesbian Community Center had a Business Professional Meet & Greet a few weeks ago at the Hilton and AutoZone was there! So we can report some limited progress for the self-described “Autozoners,” including offering domestic partner benefits — but only in California where it’s mandated by law; and only to new hires, or previous hires at the next open enrollment, probably in November this year.

But you’d know that, Autozoner, if you were there at the Memphis meet and greet — except no benefits for you in Tennessee, or anywhere else, really, except the Golden State.  The HRC Index ranks them at 15 for their non-discrimination policy, so there’s that. But Pep Boys gets a 65, so you decide. In the meantime, there’s this amusing AutoZone/Boyzone “collision” from a few years ago.