8 Comics Joining Adam Carolla In The Homophobic Stand-Up Hall of Fame

Eddie Murphy

He’s better known for playing an ass (heh) and donning fat suits, but back in the 1980s Murphy was the king of stand-up, with two top rated concert movies, Delirious and Raw, both of which had some pretty hardcore gay content in them.

“I’ve got some rules while I’m doing stand-up. Faggots aren’t allowed to look at my ass while I’m on stage. That’s why i keep moving while I’m up here, because you don’t know where the faggot section is.”

Another gem:

And now they got AIDS, that just kills motherfuckers. Kills people! It petrifies me ’cause girls be hanging out with [gays]. One night they could be in the club having fun with their gay friend, give them a little kiss. And go home with AIDS on their lips!

Some may say Murphy gets a pass, because it was a different time or that he was trying to address the fear and ignorance of the day. He even made a crude plea for acceptance in Delirious:

I fuck with everybody. I don’t mean anything by it. You can hang out with a gay person. Them guys don’t feel, you know, alienated… You can play tennis with a gay person. Really! Just after the game you say, ‘I’m gonna get a beer, what’s you gonna do?’ ‘I think I’m gonna suck some guy’s dick.’ ‘Well, I’ll see you later!'”

Murphy hasn’t been on the stand-up circuit in some years, and given his run-ins with tranny prostitutes and those pesky gay rumors, we doubt he’d resort to gay material if he did return to the stage.