Our 8 favorite gay discord servers

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The internet has long been a space for people to communicate and interact with like-minded individuals. Now, it is home to Discord, a free-to-use social tool used to build online communities for users with shared interests – including the LGBTQ+ community. 

LGBTQ+ members can enjoy multiplayer games, connect with people in real-time, and enjoy other community-building activities on this popular platform. If you’re looking to connect with LGBTQ+ folks around the digital world, take a look at some of our favorite gay Discord servers. 

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1. Best Overall LGBT Discord Server – Gaymers

Who It’s For: LGBT gamers and pop culture fanatics of all gender identities

This all-time Discord favorite is a harassment-free space where LGBT users can game, engage in online group activities,share pop culture recommendations, and even talk politics. Besides tip-sharing, gamers can also share real-life interests such as health and fitness recommendations, pet pictures, and kitchen recipes. 

What we love about this server is the ability to set roles. Here, you can declare your unique gender identity, pronouns, orientation, region, and even your favorite platform. 

Best Channels: 

  • #gals-and-nonbinary-pals: Female and non-binary participants can take a break from male-dominated channels on this server’s exclusive group. 
  • #homework-help: Student gamers who need coursework help can get a second pair of eyes on tricky equations and other assignments. 
  • #self-promo: Are you a YouTuber, blogger, or another type of content creator? This channel is perfect for self-promotion and Twitch streamers in particular. 

#pets: Who doesn’t love an entire channel dedicated to photos of cats and dogs? Here, users get to meet adorable IRL mammalian or reptilian gaming companions.

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2. Best Server For Furries – The Furry Nexus

Who It’s For: Artists and roleplayers who are part of furry fandoms

No, furries aren’t just sexual fetishists. Like other LGBTQ community members, they are avid gamers and creators but with unique “fursonas.” By far, The Furry Nexus is the largest Discord server for these unique personalities – there are currently over 60,000 members! 

Furries who want to give back to the LGBTQ community can participate in The Furry Nexus’ charity events or simply show support for fellow furries in need of a helping hand. 

Best Channels:

  • #mc-furrynexus: Yes, there is an entire channel dedicated to furry Minecraft fanatics! In fact, it’s so in-demand it has its own server. Here, furry Minecraft users can play on a unique Nightmare Mode, a survival-based function for advanced players. 
  • #chill-chats: If you prefer a slow-paced channel, this is the right one for you. Here, users can share gaming and media recommendations without the pressure of meeting event deadlines or time-sensitive occasions. 
  • #commissions: Do you want an opportunity to sell your art? This showcase channel is perfect for accepting commissions! 

3. Best For Younger Members – Time Out Youth

Who It’s For: LGBTQ youths aged 13 to 20

Committed to providing a safe space for younger LGBTQ community members between 13 and 20, Time Out Youth’s TOY Discord Server is unlike any other! It hosts a Drop-In Space for those already involved in Time Out Youth initiatives, where new members can discover upcoming events. 

The best thing about the TOY server is its many helpful resources for youths looking into hormone therapy, tucking techniques, STD testing sites, and more. 

Best Channels:

  • #poetry-space: Are you a self-proclaimed poet? This no-judgment space is a great place to share some of your best work and receive feedback – if you want it!
  • #cyber-center: If you can’t physically access TOY’s David Bohnett Cyber Center for LGBTQ resources, you can access its library here. 

#q-chat-space: Still navigating your gender identity or have questions about anything LGBTQ-related? This is the perfect channel to ask away.

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4. Best For BIPOC Feminists – Love & Liberation

Who It’s For: Politically inclined non-binary feminists

Do you identify as a BIPOC leftist and want your voice to be heard? Then this Discord server will be your new favorite place to be. Home to queer womanists, Love and Liberation is a space to hone female-forward activism while also engaging in more casual topics like gaming and fashion. 

This exclusive LGBTQ support server has dozens of resources for transgender, neurodivergent, and disabled community members. It even hosts spaces for different kinds of feminists!

Best Channels:

  • #mental-health-resources: Struggling with your mental health? This channel provides valuable resources and contact information regarding mental health needs. 

#activism-and-promotion: If you rally for a cause or sell cause-related merchandise, you can post all about it on this buy-and-sell channel.

5. Best Small LGBTQ Discord Server – QueerSpace

Who It’s For: Casual LGBTQ gamers who want to make easygoing connections

Not every queer gamer is a competitive one. If you consider yourself a casual enthusiast and enjoy smaller, more exclusive spaces, QueerSpace is your best bet. Here, users can discuss common interests, tag-team multiplayer games, and even enjoy a weekly movie night. 

Best Channels:

  • #movie-night: Have an LGBTQ favorite you want to share with others? Don’t be shy to host an online screening!
  • #quizzes: Whether community-related, movie-centric, or all about pop culture, the quizzes channel is an excellent place to share and learn trivia. 

6. Best For Mental Health Resources – Open Home

Who It’s For: LGBTQ community members who are also mental health advocates

While not exclusively an LGBT Discord Server, Open Home is a hardworking online community dedicated to providing safe spaces for all types of discussions. On this all-inclusive server, users can learn about standard LGBT terms, connect with others, share coming-out stories, and access various mental health resources. Naturally, there is also a space for gamers and anime fanatics. 

Best Channels:

  • #sensitive-topics: While some topics may be too triggering to discuss on general Discord channels, this dedicated channel is a safe space for users to bring up touchy subjects such as suicide ideation, depression, anxiety, or anything that might require additional support. 
  • #venting: While the previous channel is rife with helpful advice, this one is ideal for users who just want to let off some steam. If you’re lucky, you might still learn a thing or two.

#coming-out-stories: We have to say – this channel is our favorite. You can read all about the ups and downs of coming out. If you haven’t already done so yourself, this channel might inspire your debut!

8. Best Trans Discord Server – TransHope

Who It’s For: Transgender users who need mental health support and resources on transitioning

This positively charged community is a support server that provides transgender users with a place to discuss their coming-out journeys openly. Users can learn more about FTM and MTF transitioning procedures, discuss after-transition experiences, and access resources for therapy.

Best Channels:

  • #medical-nsfw: On this channel, you won’t have to be shy about your medical questions – gory details and all. 
  • #support-needed: Users who need immediate support can turn to this channel for advice, contact information, or medical solutions. 
  • #vent-that-negativity: While the TransHope channel rallies for positivity, users can share negative experiences on this trans Discord channel and receive the support they need. Just don’t forget to include a trigger warning! 

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The Bottom Line

As Gaymers become increasingly common in online spaces, there’s no reason you should be left behind. If you’re looking for a queer haven to discuss your favorite online games, pop culture references, and LGBTQ resources, Discord has dozens of options for you. However, the eight servers listed above are among our favorites – and hopefully will be yours, too! 

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