8 Gay ChatRoulette Knock-Offs: Glory Holes of the Internet


WHO’S ON THERE?: Two twin redhead chicks with dicks.

SECONDS UNTIL FIRST COCK: I did get a pleasing shot of two buxom red-haired ladies with bat-sized dicks straddling one another. It was almost artful in its perversion.

HOW MANY SECONDS IT TOOK FOR SOMEONE TO ‘NEXT’ ME: I tried nexting the reds over and over only to get that same satisfying picture again and again.

HOW MANY SECONDS IT TOOK ME TO ‘NEXT’ SOMEONE ELSE: The scarlet sisters liked me apparently as they never nexted me, ever.

IS THE DESIGN SEXY?: Oh yes, the serif-fonts and red color scheme make you feel as if you could almost get tastefully laid chatting with a fellow user. I hate to break your dreams, but it ain’t gonna happen. But on the plus side, the lads on the “global webchat window” said they saw plenty of dick, so maybe you will too!

LESSON LEARNED: After staring at their picture long-enough, I began to think I might appreciate a threesome with the hung buxom duo. Just goes to show, the longer you’re in prison, the more attractive your cell mates become.