8 Mega-Wealthy Gays: Who Are They, How’d They Make Bank, And Are They Single?

Jann Wenner, 66
Estimated net worth:
$700 million
How he made his money:
Magazine publishing
Pet cause:
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Foundation

Unlike some on this list who inherited wealth or made their fortunes with one huge public offering, magazine magnate Jann Wenner built his media empire page by page over more than 40 years. In 1967 he started Rolling Stone magazine, helping to launch the careers of later luminaries like Hunter S. Thompson, Annie Leibovitz, Cameron Crowe and Tom Wolfe. Today, Wenner Media also includes Men’s Journal and the successful celebrity tabloid US Weekly.

Wenner has made some enemies along the way, too, including former employees who claim he runs RS by fiat, and musicians who say his involvement in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame has kept numerous artists from being honored. Wenner’s ex-wife, Jane, might not be his biggest fan either: The two married in 1968 (after Jann borrowed $7,500 from her family to start Rolling Stone), but split in 1995 when he came out as bisexual. Since then he has been partnered with model/designer Matt Nye, with whom he raises son Noah and twins Jude and India Rose.

Photo: Mark Seliger