8 Mega-Wealthy Gays: Who Are They, How’d They Make Bank, And Are They Single?

Jon Stryker, 54
Estimated net worth:
$1.2 billion
How we made his money:
Family wealth, investments
Pet cause:
The Arcus Foundation

The grandson of medical-supply pioneer Homer Hartmen Stryker, Jon Stryker has added to his substantial family fortune with a successful career as an architect and building rehabber. But he’s big on philanthropy, too, donating almost $250 million toward his two passions—gay rights and primate preservation. (The Myanmar snub-nosed monkey was named Rhinopithecus strykeri in his honor.) His biggest charitable effort is the Arcus Foundation, which recently endowed Kalamazoo College with more than $23 million for the creation of the Arcus Center for Social Justice Leadership.

Stryker’s personal life is a little complicated: Though he was married and has two children, he came out as gay after his divorce. Currently, he’s tri-coastal (sort of), with homes in Kalamazoo,  Palm Beach and New York (in the ritzy Time Warner Building, no less). We haven’t dug up any reports of a significant other, so if you’re a power gay in one of those cities, feel free to look him up.

Photo: Jurek Wajdowicz