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  • breezevz

    1.Casting girls with pre-existing beef (They need to ALWAYS do that EVERY SEASON. Grow some balls girl… that’s why we watch reality tv)

    2. Stop manufacturing arguments (see #1, girl… grow some balls)

    3. Stop being basic (not even sure the point he’s making here, the show is still pretty weird, just because it’s not YOUR weird doesn’t mean its not weird AT ALL)

    4. Stop tokenizing the weirdos (I’m going to call bullsh*t, all of the winners are pretty diverse, I don’t think the producers are “Weirdo Bigots” but for real though… if you are going to dress up like a bleeding zombie mummy, you’re going to have to be a FABULOUS bleeding zombie mummy. That’s words of wisdom not just for the show but for life. Your weirdness ALONE is not going to help you… Milk… Vivacious… Acid Betty…)

    5. Diversify the challenges (Again, I’m calling bullsh*t. They’re NINE seasons in, I think they’re doing pretty great. And I have a feeling when/if they change up the challenges, people are STILL going to be complaining about how over the top challenges are and going “why don’t they do like they did in season 4?!”

    6. Stop recycling (Kind of agree, but I think they repeated the Madonna challenge because the 1st one went so bad. I actually wouldn’t mind a round 3 of a Madonna challenge with a strict “No Kimono” rule and maybe something that says you can’t repeat any of the looks that have already been done. I think it would be cool to have Madonna herself on the show, I think it would reinforce that the queens can ACTUALLY do Madonna. And yeah… all queens should do Madonna.)

    7. Stop overcrowding the cast (I don’t think this guy likes the show. Set a max at 12 and throw down a double elimination? Dude… just don’t watch the show at all and wait for the finale. The rest of us actually LIKE watching ALL the girls; the underdogs, the villains, the weirdos, the untucks and all)

    8. Fix the lights (The ONLY one I agree with. Yeah… fix the lights.)

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