8 Universal Gay Truths From The Extended “Looking” Trailer

HBO’s Looking has promised to be one of the most honest and realistic depictions of gay adult life seen on television and if the recently released full-length trailer is any indication, the dramedy may just keep its word. Below are 8 truths from the trailer to which almost any gay man can relate:

looking-compromisingYou make up excuses why you’re alone

looking-unfilteredOnline dating can be incredibly frustrating

looking-jazzerciseYou be up in the gym just werqing on your fitness

looking-loveRelationships aren’t all they’re cracked up to be

looking-40You’re terrified of getting older

looking-clicheBeing gay can be tricky

looking-friendsYou can always count on your friends…

looking-shadeEven when they’re being shady bitches.

looking-jazzerciseSeriously, though, where is this jazzercise class ’cause I want IN.

Looking debuts on HBO January 19 at 10:30 EST.


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    Jesus Christ. How much fucking promotion do you have to do on this site!?! You’re killing this website. Seriously.

  • viveutvivas

    Man, they’re doing a lot of advertising for this show disguised as “journalism” on gay-interest sites.

  • Dixie Rect

    More gay cliches, won’t be watching this dreck. Too many paid advertisements on this ‘blog’ too. What’s that Robbie Rogers up to – did he burp recently? Why isn’t Queerty ‘reporting’ on it?

  • balehead

    Still no gay minorities…check..

  • LAman

    I like how they are making a show for gay men, but to be honest, this does not look very interesting. They are trying to be realistic, but it comes off as just bland. Does anyone disagree with me because I don’t even want to watch the first episode.

  • donsboy

    I see glossed over stereotypes striving to be “real”. Where are the guys with a few extra pounds, or the guys who want something lasting? Where are the men of other ethnic origins, etc.? If the show is anything like the preview, I don’t think I want to watch…..

  • asby

    as a gay white male who travels too san francisco at least 3 times a year….talk about white washed?…..the only guy who looks remotely “ethnic” is paler than me….and where in the hell are the gaysians?….it is san fran for god sakes

  • devinjgray

    OK, whew. I thought I was becoming jaded and bored and uninterested in my community. But it’s not me. How many times have we seen this storyline? A show like this on one of the major networks could be useful in educating a public that is now ready to be educated. But it’s on Showtime, meaning it’s a show with lots of gratuitous nudity, bad writing, and lots of cliches targeted to those ever-horny homos. Truthfully, it’s a little offensive.

  • KDub

    @devinjgray: I agree. What I find most depressing about these things is seeing how gay writers are voluntarily doing the marginalizing now (to make a quick buck, no doubt). It’s bad enough being marginalized by hetero society’s ideas of how gay men are. Things will never change if gay writers aren’t even willing to deviate from the femmy/catty/campy/self-important/promiscuous “gay Sex in the City/Golden Girls” stereotypes. No matter how much the site tries to shove this show down our throats, we shouldn’t be satisfied with just any gay show just because it’s a gay show. Content and message is so much more important than simply being included.

  • Sammy Schlipshit


    Uh, dude. It’s on HBO not Showtime.

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