8 Universal Gay Truths From The Extended “Looking” Trailer

HBO’s Looking has promised to be one of the most honest and realistic depictions of gay adult life seen on television and if the recently released full-length trailer is any indication, the dramedy may just keep its word. Below are 8 truths from the trailer to which almost any gay man can relate:

looking-compromisingYou make up excuses why you’re alone

looking-unfilteredOnline dating can be incredibly frustrating

looking-jazzerciseYou be up in the gym just werqing on your fitness

looking-loveRelationships aren’t all they’re cracked up to be

looking-40You’re terrified of getting older

looking-clicheBeing gay can be tricky

looking-friendsYou can always count on your friends…

looking-shadeEven when they’re being shady bitches.

looking-jazzerciseSeriously, though, where is this jazzercise class ’cause I want IN.

Looking debuts on HBO January 19 at 10:30 EST.