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  • Brian

    Is this Clay Aiken’s Mini-Me?

  • faghag

    Gay in five years.

  • abelincoln

    Let’s revisit this when puberty hits and he loses his child voice.

  • Billy

    All I could say when I was watching the show is… boy in the making.

  • Billy

    I did forget to mention however that he has a fantastic talent!

  • Troy

    I was too embarassed to watch this!!! Embarassed FOR him that is….

  • jordanboston

    OMG! She is so cute!
    What? That’s a guy?
    Oh. Weird.

  • ProfessorVP

    Props to him. At 8, I was still afraid of vacuum cleaner.

  • Ash

    He’s talented and confident, both rare traits in an eight-year-old. Good for him.

  • kcflood

    You’re all ignorant. Quit trying to fit children into stereotypical gender roles. Grow the hell up.

  • Que?

    He’s very talented. I hope puberty is merciful to his voice.

  • Walker

    Just like high school, everyone snickering at the effeminate boy – do you people realize that this is a manifestation of your internalized homophobia. He is a lovely little thing – with really weird parents that are turning him into a spectacle – and the viewing public snickers at him cause they think they know he is queer. What is so funny about him being gay?????

  • ProfessorVP

    It’s not just the gay angle that makes him a spectacle, Walker, but the idea of an 8-yr-old singing about things he cannot possibly understand- relationships, freedom, think what you’re doing to me. Clearly, his parents have turned him into a cute little robot-mimic, which on one hand may pay for his college education later, but may leave him pretty messed-up also.

  • Ian J UK

    Looks like another of those living through your child cases again, it’s almost a form of abuse.

  • dan

    brian, faghag, abelincoln, billy, u all sound like very bitter people.
    u all just wish u have half the talent that this boy has.

  • dan

    oh, i guess that includes Troy and jordanboston too.
    wow u guys are pathetic

  • zeami99

    indeed, too many of you are using ‘gay’ like an insult – you were all gay children. Haven’t you see Timberlake at 8? He’s verrry special. He’s not gay, just really talented with a Mom who put him in the biz.
    That is a talented boy.

  • Chris

    Please. There’s no way to assume anything at 8 years old. Let him be a child and if, when he’s older, he realizes he’s gay, than let’s hope people are more supportive and less judgmental of his EIGHT-YEAR-OLD SELF. I can conclusively say I barely knew what “gay” was at 8, let alone knowing I was gay. Let him grow into who he’s meant to be.

  • therapee

    #13, #14 – boo hoo.

    to me, he looks like a mini-lesbian.

  • Bryan

    I can’t believe this coming form the gay community. You guys are just as bad if not worse than the fucking homophobes. Get over your self hatred.

  • abelincoln

    At least one of us should go to the doctor and get a sense of humor implant. I have the greatest empathy for people who aren’t born with one but they shouldn’t take out their shortcoming on those who are born with one or those who have one installed.

  • ProfessorVP

    Zeami #17, I think the jury’s still out on Justin Timberlake.

  • Jake

    God Bless his little Nancy heart! I just love him!

  • KB

    He has an awesome voice, and great stage presence too. I mean, come ON! He must be in 2nd Grade!

    Props to him. I would love to hear some gospel music from those pipes.

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