Boy oh boy

8-year-old trans boy banned from Boy Scouts because troop parents complained


Ah, yes, the wholesome values of the Boy Scouts: a scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, and friendly. His parents, on the other hand, not so much.

At least that’s the case with some truly terrible parents in New Jersey (the Florida of New York). A boy named Joe had been a member of a Boy Scout troupe for about a month when an official called his mother to tell him he was no longer welcome. The cause: some other parents had complained that he wasn’t born with the right set of equipment.

Setting aside these creepy adults’ weird fixation on children’s penises … so what? So what if he once presented as a girl? What exactly is so magically delicious about the Boy Scouts that only boys who were born boys can be members?

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According to the Boy Scouts, they use a person’s birth certificate to determine whether or not someone is a boy. Obviously that’s dumb: birth certificates can be wrong, and often are for trans people. Correcting them can be difficult and expensive — and it’s likely to get even harder under the incoming Donald administration.

Joe’s parents, on the other hand, deserve a Nobel prize for how well they’re handling this. When he started showing signs of identifying as a boy, they started reading him stories about trans children, and let him cut his hair and transition.

So who exactly raised a fuss? That’s unclear, but the Boy Scout gang that he belonged to is hosted by the Immaculate Conception Church, so it’s probably a safe assumption that this is yet another thing that religion has ruined.