’80s Sitcom Star Lydia Cornell Speaks Out For Gay Marriage And Her Lesbian Sister

Readers of a certain age likely have fond memories of Lydia Cornell as Ted Knight’s jiggly blonde daughter on the early ’80s sitcom Too Close For Comfort, but now there’s another reason to love her: She’s a staunch advocate for marriage equality.


Cornell, who cohosts a radio show with Doug Basham, wrote about her commitment to the issue Thursday on her blog:

My sister is gay, and she never made a choice, but that’s beside the point. The marriage contract is a private contract between two individuals. How does it hurt anyone to let two souls honor their monogamy by allowing them the sanctity and dignity of marriage, as other human beings have a right to? Isn’t this in the Bill of Rights? I am heartsick at the bigotry I see in America today. I can’t believe my sister may never have the same rights I have! And furthermore, according to Suze Orman — as it stands now, civil unions do not permit the transfer of a deceased person’s estate to the partner. Next of ‘kin’ is first in line.

Cornell also reveals that after being appalled by comments made by Ann Coulter in 2005, she wrote an article that resulted in hate mail and even death threats. On her blog she adds:

One thing became clear: right-wing Christians are obsessed with the sexual immorality of others — to the exclusion of any other sin, including their own sins of pride and judgment — which by the way, were the only sins Jesus ever cared about or actually mentioned! Sexual immorality was not even on Christ’s radar, as was clear when the mob was stoning the prostitute: “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”

We wonder if she’s still close to Jim J. Bullock, the openly gay actor, who costarred as Monroe on the hit sitcom.