82-Year-Old Man Mistakes “Burly” Trucker For Being Gay, Fondles Him At Secluded Truck Stop

Screen shot 2015-04-13 at 3.50.56 PMA horny old man has been found guilty of sexual assault after groping another man who he mistook for being gay at a truck stop in the U.K.

82-year-old Dennis Cockerill told a York Crown Court that he was just looking for “a bit of fun” when he pulled into a truck stop in Hammerton Green, an area located in the Harrogate district of North Yorkshire, England, on September 24, 2013.

He approached another man, who The Mirror describes as “a burly lorry driver in his 40s,” assuming he, too, was looking for sex.

The man was sitting by himself in his truck. Cockerill walked over and struck up conversation. After a few minutes, he reached in through the open window and caressed the man’s arm and his knee before grabbing hold of his balls.

The man, horrified, pushed Cockerill away and phoned police. When they arrived, Cockerill told officers that he’d heard this was a cruising area and he’s only come to “verify” the rumors were true.

Police charged the handy 82-year-old with sexual assault. Last Thursday, he appeared before a York Crown Court.

Here’s how his victim, whose name has not beed released, described the event:

“He asked me about the bunk in the back of the truck and within minutes the hand came through. He touched my thigh near my knee then slid straight up and made contact with my privates. I said I suggest you go away. I humored him at first because he was old and I have a lot of respect for old people.”

A jury found Cockerill guilty of sexual assault. Judge Jacqueline Davies sentenced the 82-year-old to probation and ordered him to register a sex offender.

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