83% of Stand For Marriage Maine’s Cash Comes From Mormons + Catholics

That’s the Mormon and Catholic churches, to be sure. Of the $2.6 million that Stand for Marriage Maine has raised for its “Yes On 1” effort, New Jersey’s LDS-backed National Organization for Marriage contributed $1.622m, and Maine’s Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland handed over $529,666. Without the Church’s contribution? S4MM’s in-state donations would be a dismal $127,218, relays Nate Silver.

As for Protect Maine Equality, they’ve received large sums too: “$526,000 from Maine-based businessman Donald Sussman, and $267,589 from the Human Rights Campaign. And indeed, if you cull its donor list, you’ll find a few big-name Hollywood celebrities: it’s gotten $2,000, for instance, from Rob Reiner, $5,000 from David Geffen, and $10,000 from former U.S. Ambassador to Luxembourg James Hormel.” But: “Overall, however, its top 10 donors represent just 36 percent of its total fundraising haul, as compared to 91 percent for Yes on 1. Most of its contributions, rather, come from small donors, who account for its 9-to-1 advantage in the number of unique, itemized contributors within Maine, and its 28-to-1 advantage in its number of unique donors from outside the state.”

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