prom queen

’90 Percent’ of Constance McMillen’s Classmates Hate Her

Prom queen Constance McMillen, who still doesn’t want any of you throwing her a prom, stopped by the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center yesterday because everybody loves this girl. Already a media darling, she was a natural in front of the crowd, giving As to your Qs (except the one about her girlfriend; privacy please!).

None of her classmates ever targeted Constance for being a lesbian, she says. At least not to her face. Now they’re “freaking out on me.” And “ninety percent of the student body hates me right now. … They’re not gonna be nice.” Sad.

Not sad: Constance’s committment to changing minds in her home state of Mississippi, where she’ll remain after graduation (she’s going to the University of Southern Mississippi).