90210 Actress/Singer Debuts “I Wish I Was Gay.” Because Lesbians Don’t Cheat?

It’s still pretty risky for a mainstream actress or singer to come out as a lesbian. But to court gay audiences (and horny dudes) with a suggestive song? That’s easier than getting your yoo-hoo photographed by a paparazzo.

Just ask Katy Perry, Madonna, Britney Spears, etc.

The latest starlet to issue a queer ballad is 90210 star Jessica Lowndes, who has just released her new single, “I Wish I Was Gay.” In the video, Lowndes sports quasi-drag (y’know, hot girl with man’s dress shirt and fishnets) and subjects her boyfriend to a snoozer burlesque routine before confronting him with evidence of his infidelity. The thing looks like 9 1/2 Weeks and sounds like “I Kissed a Girl.”



In the song, Lowndes sings:

And I don’t get guys

They always treat me the same
Breaking my heart

They always treat me the same
Leaving me alone

Well girls don’t behave that way
No they don’t behave that way

I wish I was gay.

Um, what?

We’re pretty sure lesbians are just as capable of cheating and playing head games—at least to hear our Sapphic sisters tell it.

Maybe Lowndes is getting her information on the LGBT community from 90210: In addition to dealing with an unwanted pregnancy, an AIDS scare and drug dependency, her character, Adrianna, had a lesbian fling with Rumer Willis before before going back to dudes.

So, y’know, she’s, like, an expert.