“90210” Star Ian Ziering Strips Down, Trevor Donovan Gets A Rub Down & More!

big mac 40 7.27 Malibu ian ziering

According to TMZ, Ian Ziering, the former star of 90210, is joining the Chippendales in Las Vegas for a limited half-naked, gyrating on women gig.


Speaking of 90210, another star – this time from the reboot – made his way over to The Client List. Trevor Donovan was one of Jennifer Love Hewitt’s clients. And he got the full rub down.

Someone else in need of a rub down is Philip Fusco, who stars in the new Gregg Homme ad.


In case you missed it, there’s a new Adam Scott to dream about. He’s the Australian golfer who won the Masters yesterday in a nail-biting final hole.

Okay, it’s bedtime but here’s something to look forward to in the morning: Check out Kenneth In The 212′s full collection of morning wood.

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  • boring

    I’ll stick to my regular Adam Scott, thank you very much.

  • Daggerman

    …Trevor Donovan, gorgeous–he’s blond, big and cute + I want to sink my teeth in his buttocks…OK he probably doesn’t want me to….

  • nature boy


  • enfilmigult

    Geez, could you misspell his name any more thoroughly? I think there’s room for a Q or an X in there if you try.

  • balehead

    An “Adam Scott” can be a sex sandwich now….

  • iluvcakes

    chippendales is sooo boring why any woman would pay for that is beyond me.. they don’t even drop trou lol!

  • tdx3fan

    Chippendales is certainly the better over all show, but I would say that Thunder Down Under is much more gay friendly. At Chippendales, I really got the vibe that they really did not want men there, while as at Thunder Down Under it did not seem that way as greatly.

    We had aisle seats at Chippendales and the guys pretty much just ignored us when they did the aisle runs. We never stuck around for the photo. With Thunder, not only did we stick around for the photo, but the boy selling the tickets for the photo was beyond sweet, and he was by far the hottest of the group.

  • tdx3fan

    @iluvcakes: Its not about dropping trou, it is about selling fantasy… of course you do not understand it you are male and most likely a top.

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