90210 Star Sorry For Calling Elvis The “King Of Homos”

Awww, actor Dustin Milligan’s an absolutely contrite doll!

Milligan, whom some of you may recognize as the heartthrob Ethan on 90210, once recorded some sort of video in which he described Elvis as the “king of homos,” which obviously isn’t true. Everyone knows that’s Elton.

Anyway, Milligan’s given the joke some thought and now feels totally bad about it, so he’s written another blog apologizing to all the gays and straights and everyone in-between:

To all my readers, gay, straight, bi, still deciding: I’m truly sorry and deeply embarrassed by this. My personal views on homosexuality and bisexuality and sexuality in general are so far from the dark place where these kinds of hateful terms come from and are not at all reflected accurately by such a statement. Especially now, when same-sex marriage is such a big issue in the US, I feel the days when jokingly calling someone a “homo” or saying “that’s gay” are simply over.

No one should be made to feel like they or their sexuality/lifestyle is synonymous with “stupid”, and no one should be made to feel like they are less than anyone else because of who they love. It’s almost like how, in the past, everyone used to drop the N-bomb like it was a day of the week, but now it’s totally unacceptable. I feel, hope, that down the line, it will be the same with sexually derogatory terms as well.

I hope my kids never use these hurtful words as flippantly as I have. Again, I am ashamed for having said it and to everyone out there, fans, friends, family, and the LGBT community: I’m sorry.

Apology accepted, Milligan – although we were never really offended because we had never read your blog. Still, it’s the thought that counts and all that jazz…