90210 Teaches Us Gay Guys Can’t Touch Straight Guys Without It Being All Weird And Stuff

Oh, is Gay Teddy still on that 90210 show? It’s been so long since (since November?) we last so him kissing Ian in the hallway! But let’s resume mid-smooch, where the pair are found out by that step-brother guy whose name I can never remember. Francois? Saxby? Oh right, Dixon. Anyhow, after spotting Teddy snogging, Dixon asks one of his pals, “Can a guy kiss another guy and not be gay?” WHICH IS JUST ADORABLE, because, um, I don’t know the answer! And then there’s awkwardness when Teddy rolls up. And then, yikes, cut to Teddy laying a hand on Dixon, and Dixon interpreting it as him getting all gay on him. ZOINKS! And then Teddy basically comes out, but not really. High school is hard!