93 Percent Of Hetero British Guys Say They Love Cuddling With Other Men

tumblr_nc74v2QkDo1qf9fo8o1_500More and more straight guys are opening up about their gay sides. If they’re not talking about hooking up with other guys while stoned, they’re watching gay porn on the DL or confessing to being fascinated by big, huge penises. Now, new research out of the U.K. finds that heterosexual British chaps love to spoon one another, among other things.

A new study published in the journal Men and Masculinities finds that 93 percent of straight-identifying British guys have cuddled with another guy.

Sociologists Eric Anderson of the University of Winchester and Mark McCormack of Durham University interviewed a total of 40 straight-identifying undergrads about their “homosocial” behavior. Of those 40 students, 37 admitted to having “cuddled with another male.” (Cuddling was defined as “gentle physical contact for a prolonged period of time.”)

“We’re always cuddling, my lot,” one of the respondents said. “We’re all comfortable with each other.”

“‘I love a quick cuddle,” another young man dished. “Just so you remember your friends are about and are there for you.”

One of the men said cuddling usually happens after a wild night of drinking.

“If your mate has a headache you can like massage his head,” he told researchers. “Or you just lie there together holding each other and laughing about how awful you feel.”

Sounds like a true bromance to us.

A whopping 98 percent — 39 out of 40 — of respondents said they’ve slept in the same bed with another man at least once. Many claimed they did so for practical reasons, such as a lack of bed space in a cramped dorm room or crashing at a friend’s place after a night on the town. Others said they did it to “feel close” to their guy friends.

“Most indicated that it was not necessary to be close friends to share a bed with someone,” researchers said. “These men are able to share beds with other men without risking their socially perceived heterosexual identity.”

Isn’t it all so fascinating?

h/t: The New Republic

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