Family secrets

95-year-old grandpa shocks family, says ‘I’m gay!’ Grandma: ‘I’ve known for years!’

Roman and Ruth Blank being interviewed in the film On My Way Out: The Secret Life of Nani and Popi.

Here’s a story you don’t hear every day…

On My Way Out: The Secret Life of Nani and Popi is a documentary short by filmmakers Brandon and Skyler Gross. The film chronicles the relationship between their grandparents, Roman (Popi) and Ruth (Nani) Blank, both Holocaust survivors, who have been married for 65 years.

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But this isn’t your typical feel-good, old-couple-that’s-been-married-since-forever kinda film. There’s a major twist. In the film, Roman, at age 95, reveals to his grandkids a secret he’s been keeping for nearly a century.

“For 90 years I was in pain – and still am,” he says to them in the film. “I never let you know or feel what is going on in my heart. Never. Until now.”

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Roman goes on to tell his family that he’s gay and that he’s kept his sexuality a secret for his entire life out of survival. The only other person who ever knew… was Ruth.

The filmmakers learn that Ruth first discovered her husband was gay way back when they were in their 20s, but she kept his secret for almost seven decades. The couple went on to raise a family together and open a chain of beauty salons without anyone ever catching on.

On My Way Out: The Secret Life of Nani and Popi will premiere this weekend at the Toronto International Film Festival. Check out the trailer…