A Brand New Musical About Grindr And Murder, Oh My!

It’s taken long enough, but a short musical masterpiece about the wonderfully relevant gay “dating” app Grindr is finally zero feet away! We’re told it’s “basically Sweeny Todd meets Grindr” and has “possible murderous undertones.” Yikes!

Grind stars Rent‘s Anthony Rapp, Pasha Pellosie (Project Runway) and Claire Coffee (Grimm) and will head out to the festival circuits in the next few weeks. According to the show’s IndieGogo page, the short film “takes a sexy and artistic look at the ways we connect in today’s multi screened hook up culture and asks, ‘Do you really know who you’re talking to?'”

Intrigued? So are we:

Vincent is uncomfortable in his own skin but he’s witty and adroit on his favorite hook-up app.

Thane is hot (like…incredibly hot) but he’s dumb and can’t express himself.

When Thane asks Vincent to grind for him by combining his own underwear model pics with Vincent’s flirty texted banter, he’s certain the partnership will attract the clever guys who don’t take him seriously.

Thane is introduced to a new class of men but Vincent gets addicted to the rush he’s always assumed the beautiful people feel as they all navigate the competitive, multi screened hook up culture of New York City’s Hell’s Kitchen.

As their paths run through darker territory both men will question: Is a monster created or revealed?

Check out the trailer above and stay updated on Grind‘s release via Facebook and Twitter.

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