A Change Will Do You Good

the new guy

Good Morning. This is Bradford Shellhammer and I just want to let you queens in on a little secret: today is my last day. Well not really, but sorta.

For the past six months I have written half of what you read on Queerty. Steve in Los Angeles has written the other half. While I have enjoyed writing for Queerty and watching our unique visitors grow at leaps and bounds, it is time for me to take a less active role with the site. Don’t think you’ve gotten rid of me that easily. I am remaining an editor-at-large and promise to continue writing. Just not daily.

So this brings up an ever-important question. Who could possibly replace Bradford? At first we were not sure if anyone could live up to my legacy (just go with this people), but the right person happened to appear and David and I could not be more excited. Queerty’s new editor is Real World alum, hilarious blogger, and my dear friend Dan Renzi.

Shoot him an email and say hello. Shoot me an email and say goodbye. Whatever you do, keep reading. Things are sure to get more interesting around these parts. Thanks for reading. Your energy, emails, and support as readers of this site have been a huge inspiration.