A Changing Nation: 2,500 Attend Queer Pride In Mumbai, India

A little more than two years after the decriminalization of homosexuality in India, and the country’s LGBT community is taking huge strides forward: Some 2,500 marchers participated in the fourth Mumbai Queer Pride Walk on Saturday, reports Gay Star News.

The procession was the culmination of the weeklong Queer Azaadi Mumbai and spanned from the center of the city to the beach. “People really started dancing once the drums went off,” said parade co-organizer Pallav Patankar, who noticed how much more supportive authorities were than in past years. “Last year we felt that we were pushed into a corner and the police made us walk really fast,’ said Patankar. “This time the police said ‘take your time, we’re not going to bother you.’” Patankar also said he saw few people hiding their faces behind masks, a common sight at LGBT rallies in parts of the world where homosexuality is illegal or taboo.

India has been playing catch-up with the West in terms of acceptance of gays and lesbians, but it may be the pink rupee that leads the way: In November, a first-ever conference on LGBT tourism was helpd in New Delhi.

Photo: Fractal Enlightenment