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  • ptrfortune

    I’d totally fuck Chris Buttars bareback and cum in his hole that would give him something to frown about…

  • Sebbe

    Maybe Harvey’s statue can hold up the 10 commandments or whatever it is the magic undie crowd believes in.

  • Chino

    For what it’s worth, Mormon-owned, Utah-based TV station KSL has just posted an editorial at that begins:

    “The brouhaha over recent intemperate remarks by Senator Chris Buttars is more than a distraction, as some of his colleagues contend. It is nothing less than an embarrassment for the man, the institution he represents and the state where he lives.”

    That sounds about right.

  • Sebbe

    @chino – Thanks for the heads up.

  • Phoenix (Baffled and Stymied but Pleased With Florida's Jurors)

    @ Chino,

    Mormon-owned, Utah-based TV station KSL will be purging it’s staff of suspected LGBT persons and recanting that editorial in 3…2…1…

    (Seriously, did you read the comments on the news site? They were pro-Buttars the Butt-Fucker.)

  • Sebbe

    @Chine – I check out the list. LOL

    Also I checked out the KSL site. The big top story is how thee is a new area code and you might actually have to dial a phone number that is 10 digits long? hehe Must be the word of the devil these long telephone numbers.

    Seriously, how to these people make it through life? These are the people that want to decide what I can and cannot do, yet they have never made a phone call out of their area code.


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