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A Complaint From the American Family Association Does Not Qualify as a ‘Controversy’

Just because legitimate hate groups like the American Family Association — a group of fringe lunaticshave a problem with 10-year-old Will Phillips acting as grand marshal for Northwest Arkansas Pride does not mean the kid’s participation is “spark[ing] controversy across U.S.,” as the propagandists at Fox News so astutely claim. This boy is an American hero with chutzpah. There is no controversy, just a group of bigoted adults.

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  • Lanjier

    A great American kid with a first-class set of balls is not controversial — he a national treasure.


    You just know there are repugnatican rightwing lunatics desparatly seeking to dig up dirt on Will, seeing if maybe he was able to score an additional helping of mac and cheese from the lunch lady….

    Will has these haters in a dither. This kid is more articulate, intelligent and sensible than anyone who Faux News or any of the rightwing lunatic organizations could ever hope to have represent………

  • robert

    I’m glad you called the AFA a hate group.

    Personally, I’d extend that label to Fox News too.

  • jeffree

    AFA is just trying to protect this poor child from being “recruited” into our “lifestyle” or seeing “deviants.”

    They would have no problem however having him spend hours playing a xBox game where he pretends to slay foreign looking people as they sneak across the border!

  • Jon (the cranky one)

    My Grandkids think he’s a hero and an inspiration. Me too. The AFA has stooped to a new low, and I didn’t think that was possible.

  • alan brickman

    Hate speech at Fox News,…..big surprise….

  • cubbie

    the phelps inbred clan is going to be there to protest…. Mr. Will has extra folks around him though… and he might just have a nice surprise in store.

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