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A Cross-Dressing Club Performer Whizzed All Over Adam Lambert


The worst thing about being a gay pop star is not being kicked off one network (and censored by a second), but that your VIP status also affords you to sit front row at The Box nightclub’s raucous stage tricks. Including one where a cross-dressing performer pees all over you. While your mother is there.

The tweets out of last night’s evening at The Box in NYC claim Lambert was ground zero for a urine fest.

Performer Jason Owens, aka Trick, tweeted this before the start of things:


And then this never-able-to-erase memory:


And then there’s this report from DJ Brad Walsh, boyfriend of designer and “hot tranny mess” phrase coiner Christian Siriano:


But allow Lambert himself to clear things up. It was all a stage trick!


Not that it kept him from getting his revenge.


What’s a little water sports after faking head with a dude on live national television?

(via Top Idol)