A Drag Race Christmas: Madame LaQueer

GayCities New York Editor Jeffrey James Keyes snuck under the mistletoe with the contestants on the new season of RuPaul’s Drag Race for a closer look at some of their favorite things.
Madame LaQueer

Boy Name: Carlos Melendez

Hometown: Carolina, Puerto Rico

Favorite Place on Earth:
Disney World

Favorite Bar/Club: My home bar, the place that gave birth to little Ol’ Madame, Krash Klub. It has great DJ’s, great shows and is one of the oldest clubs in Puerto Rico.
Tell us what is it about your drag persona that helped you make the cut: I honestly don’t know! I never take my thing too seriously and that’s something that a drag queen must have: a sense of humor. Nobody likes a dull clown! I may not be the best comedian or the best dancer, but bitch I can walk on their turf and I will be noticed. That’s always been my thing—I like being noticed. I’m an attention whore!

Where do you do your holiday shopping?  Everywhere! I love shopping at the mall, at the discount stores and even at a flea market. I’m a shopaholic.

Where will you be for New Year’s Eve? I always go to my best friend’s house in Ponce and eat everything!

Why will you win RuPaul’s Drag Race? Because its my dream—and when I set my eyes on something I never lose sight. Its time for a big and Latina queen to reach the finish line. Plus, I need the cash!


RuPaul’s Drag Race returns to Logo on January 30. Image via Mathu Andersen