A Gay, Jewish, White Supremacist Has Been Stalking Anderson Cooper For Five Years Now

cooper-hausnerAnderson Cooper has had his fair share of admirers over the years, but one ardent fan in particular has been habitually on the hunt for the silver fox, making unsolicited phone calls, and even trying to break into Cooper’s home in New York’s West Village.

Alex Hausner, a 40-year-old resident of Queens describes himself as a gay Jewish white supremacist. “He was a radical — he believed in his [Jewish] religion, and he believed in the one race, the white race,” an ex-neighbor told the New York Post. Sure that doesn’t make sense for any number of reasons — he must’ve beat himself up about it everyday — but love doesn’t have to make sense. And neither does crazy.

Hausner is a psychiatric patient and has been hounding the newshound since 2008. Though he was told “on numerous occasions” not to call Coop, Hausner apparently didn’t get the message and was ringing Anderson’s bell like a Salvation Army Santa Claus on speed. In addition, Hausner made four attempts to see his amatory anchor, including one visit last month to the $4.3 million converted firehouse Cooper shares with his boyfriend, bar owner Benjamin Maisani.

According to court papers, on June 22, Hausner tried to kick down the door and was caught on security camera shouting, “I swear to fucking God, don’t insult me! I’m going to fuck you up!” We’ve all been there, right? You just get a restraining order against you, vow to stay away from the cast of Teen Wolf and call it a gay day.

But Hausner is not your average stalker. When he was told that he “did not have permission” to be there, Hausner told the Post, “that’s not true.” Calling Maisani a “thug and a mongrel,” Hausner claimed Cooper’s boyfriend sent people after him — the cops? — citing unknown sources. He went on to say that Maisani was the one actually stalking him and that he’s totally friends with both Anderson and his dog.

“I used to give Anderson presents for his birthday, and that was encouraged,” Hausner told The Post. “I dropped some dog treats off at his house. I got some dog treats for his dog and dropped them at the door.” This was all part of their relationship, which Hausner claimed had “romantic overtones.”

The troubled neo-neo-Nazi was ordered held in lieu of $75,000 bail on felony first-degree menacing, misdemeanor harassment and stalking over the weekend. Though really, the only crime here is loving too damn much.

“I do love him,” Hausner said, “but we became more than just friends.” If loving, stalking and endlessly harassing someone you’ve never met is wrong, then we don’t want to be right.

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  • Scribe38

    This is part of my issue with the paparazzi. No one should know where Cooper lives. There should not be pictures of celebrities homes for any nut to track down. I would be buying a few guns and hiring extra security. Benjamin needs to be extra careful if crazy guy believes that he is the only thing keeping him from getting to Cooper.

  • Sweet Boy

    He likes it treif….that´s all

  • the other Greg

    The expression “Only in New York” is way overused, but for once it applies!

  • dvlaries

    Wait. Is there a subset of white supremacists who are okay with jew and gay, or is it just this weird guy?

  • 2eo

    @dvlaries: Actually there’s whole groups of them in the south who run drug trade with Mexican cartels. We here in the UK have problems with EDL white supremacists using muslim drug traffickers.

    When money is to be made you’d be amazed at how pliable rules are, look at the tenets of christianity and the average christian.

    All this reminds me of these Klan members.

  • Discodaddybob

    White Supremacist???? And Jewish???? Oy vey!!!!!! A shonda!

  • aregtim

    @Scribe……Gianni Versace!

  • LubbockGayMale

    I guess the guy can identify as whatever he wants to be, but the rest of us can still laugh, right? Let’s just hope he’s put away before he caused bodily harm to someone.

  • samwise343

    Is it just me or does that guy look like Eric from True Blood?

  • WOWfactor

    I think Cooper needs to be more careful about the tricks he picks up on the subway.

  • Volvoguy

    Anderson do something before there is another Versace
    killing, it must be really scary to have someone after you like that.
    Stay alert !!!!

  • Teleny

    That guy is scarey. Time to get security Anderson!!!!

  • queertypie

    If something were to happen to Anderson or his boyfriend, I would be totally devastated. Anderson is a wonderful man. He has put his life on the line many times in his journalistic career, has brought LGBT issues front and center on his Anderson 360 show and seems like a wonderful friend. He showed us his “human” side on his “Anderson” show and I’m so sad it has been cancelled. This “stalker” needs to be arrested and put in jail for a very long time. He needs mental health care and perhaps needs to be institutionalized and on meds. I bet Gloria is just besides herself! Be safe, Anderson, we need you!

  • queertypie

    @Scribe38: Anderson’s remake of the firehouse has been widely publicized and everyone knows where Anderson lives. It’s not a crime to take pictures, posts and write articles about celebrity homes. It’s not Anderson’s or the paparazzi’s fault that this delusional man is stalking him. Be safe Anderson!

  • fredhotman

    Oi,wei a Jewish Supremacist. I mean Anderson Cooper is gorgeous so no surprise for this nut. Its unrequited love. Some go crazy.
    I am in Australia, a fan of yours. Have a wonderful life with your partner. Beware of crazies.


    @samwise343: Yeah, it’s just you… :(

  • Matthew

    first let give props to a great read. Hilariously written story about yet another celebutard’s exiled stalker. But, you’re going have a stalker this is the nutty to the butter you want. Glad that Anderson and Hubby are well… But, who can keep their hands off the teen wolf cast is beyond me.

  • B Damion

    This is really nuts. I will never understand how celebs deal with people knowing where they live and going in their garbage etc..jesus! this is nuts.

  • manjoguy

    I didn’t like Anderson Cooper after his coverage and commentary on the Arab Spring (fall of Mubarak in Egypt). Too much of a moonbat.


    @manjoguy: What does that have to do with anything? Is that supposed to justify this nutjob’s actions somehow? :(

  • Rock2XL

    Good one: “…ringing Anderson’s bell…Santa Claus on speed.” I had not seen that before! Maybe Santa is included in this poor guy’s psychotic beliefs.

  • Doug

    Okay, so the guy’s a crazy stalker, but when it comes to AC I can’t blame him!

  • archiesdaddy

    From my geographical and sociological perspective here, in the UK, I confess not only to finding something moronic about all this but also somewhat oxymoronic about it. How is it that a man can be both White, a Jew, Gay and a ‘white supremacist’? That is some psycho-social mix for me to contemplate. Putting all that together seems not unlike being expected to swallow an elephant, whole. I have never me a man like this one. When did they stop making these creatures? I am not at all a PC-type but can we exercise just a little care when we use the words ‘psychiatric’, ‘crazy’, ‘mad’, please? Over half of us will need and will have some sort of psychiatric help in the course of our lives. Gently, please, when we are tempted to use these words as epithets or insults….

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