A Gay “Liberal” Outlines His Support For Donald J Trump

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Are you a free-thinking, secular homosexual with a liberal streak still looking for a political train to hitch yourself to this election season?

Are you tired of the status quo, politics-as-usual, corporatocracy insert-buzz-word-here mess that’s led us to where we are today?

Well, Svartakorp has your answer: Trump!

Yes, that same combed-over bully that’s earned the endorsement of none other than Sarah Palin herself (what could go wrong there?), has won the vote of at least a handful of self-described “gay, atheist liberals.”

“Trump calls a spade a spade,” he writes, which seems to be the new code phrase for “He’s a racist, and that’s OK!”

Here’s his full pitch, which legitimately makes us queasy:

As I turn 29 this year, this will be the third presidential election I vote in, and yet another in countless elections for senate, representative, and local positions. What makes this race stand out is that it will be the first time I vote for a republican.

For the longest time I steered clear of the GOP because they have become the party of the Bible and of legislating morals. The party could not stop talking about private matters they should leave alone (religion, abortion, sexuality, marriage, adoption, so on and so forth). It was rare to find a GOP member who wasn’t explicitly bought by and pandering to the evangelical vote. Even the ones who weren’t always talking about it would simply default to “I support the party” when asked. Nobody was talking about the economy, the constant chaos in the Middle East, or anything else that mattered. As a gay atheist, I grew tired of hearing from the party that opposed my existence. Every election I voted in, I voted straight democrat (with an independent exception here and there).

I voted for Obama in the last two elections for the reasons stated above. The GOP didn’t present a good candidate, only more of the same. I wanted a president, not a pastor. I had my doubts, but held out a little hope that Obama would break away from politics as usual and address serious issues of the time (the economy, all of our foreign messes, etc). I knew he had failed on those promises even before the 4-year mark, but it wasn’t like the GOP offered anything worthwhile to run against Obama’s second term.

All while I was in school getting my bachelors and beyond, I was surrounded by die-hard-liberals who leaned heavily to the left, and they could do nothing but sing the praises of Obama and the democratic party. It was next to impossible to find anyone who disagreed because dissenters and fence-sitters were immediately shut down with labels that, in our social circle, were akin to a death sentence.

So why in the world would an educated gay atheist even consider voting for Trump in the upcoming presidential election? I consider it because I want to steer the GOP away from the status quo. I want to send a clear message to republicans that they’ve failed and they are a huge part (and really, the cause) of the problem. Preferably Sanders gets the democratic nation because I’d like the democrats to receive the same message, and he appears to be that side’s “message candidate”.

Trump calls a spade a spade. He is a candidate that calls out the real source of so many of this country’s problems. Our country is not in this mess because we don’t get along with our neighbor, not because we pray too little or too often, and not because we need more globalization. The United States is a mess because both political parties have been selling us out to foreign interests in exchange for their own personal profit and gain.

Is Trump as well-spoken as Obama? No, but look where smooth talking got us.

Is Trump as politically correct as Clinton (either one of them)? No, but look how political correctness makes honest discussion impossible.

Is Trump brash and occasionally offensive? Yes, but look how that weeds out people who are too afraid to put their foot down.

I know it is difficult for some people to take Trump seriously when they have nobody in their family or social circle that is open to it, but please, at least reach out to people and try. Test the waters. If you’ve made your decision, stand by it. If you’re undecided, stay open to unconventional candidates like Trump.

Remarkably, many in the comments section pick up where he leaves off:

I am with you OP.

I’m a gay, atheist, liberal, registered democrat with a master’s degree. I support Trump and Bernie at the moment because I want real change. If it’s between Hillary and Trump, Trump has my vote in a heartbeat. It’s refreshing to see a GOP candidate who is not a proselytizing fanatic.


I’m gay also and I stump for Trump. If you look back at the history of gay rights – it really only took off once gay people banded together and became a market. Poverty breeds homophobia, so it’s only natural that it would be in our interests to make America great AND rich again.

Also Muslims like to throw us off buildings so Trump’s pretty much the most LGBT-friendly candidate in that regard.

Oh, no. No no no.

Hey, I’m a gay Christian right-winger. Welcome to the Trump Train. There are no brakes.

And if you want to see what it really bubbles down to, there’s this comment:

In addition, about 99% of the refugees (and the global Muslim population) really oppose your existence. Trump is the only one who will completely stop them from coming in.

“Solid point,” someone replied.

At the very bottom of the forum, one lone voice of sanity rings out like a light attempting to guide a ship through a storm:

You don’t recognize the fact Trump is only out for Trump?