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A Gay Teacher’s Honesty Just Inspired One Of Her Students To Come Out In A Terribly Moving Letter

emma-1024x597So Liverpool Pride is this weekend (August 1), and to celebrate the occasion, 31-year-old teacher Emma Baldry decided it was high time to come out to her pupils, particularly since she’d recently changed her name after entering a civil partnership.

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“Many of the older pupils started to ask what my husband was called and I had a choice to make,” she told Attitude. “Do I lie or tell the truth? I chose the latter because I’d  gone through enough time living as not me, so I promised myself that now that I’ve found out who I truly am, I would never ever hide my sexuality again.”

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Well, her honesty paid off in the best way imaginable. Her admission inspired one of her students to come out, too — in a moving letter (with superior penmanship, by the way) that you can read below:


h/t: The Liverpool Echo